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How to Choose the Right Yoga Mat

How to Choose the Right Yoga Mat

Yoga mats come in all shapes, sizes, materials and price points. While you can do yoga on almost any surface, it is important to find one that suits your practice so you can enjoy the experience without distractions. Here are some tips for finding the right mat for YOU!

Keep Practicing:

Keep Practicing- Try out lots of different mats before settling on one. Make sure you are familiar with how your old mat works before trying new ones. That way, if you don't like a new style or type of yoga mat, you can easily switch back to what you love! It will also help keep distractions at bay during your practice sessions because it will be about what feels good to YOUR body.

Practice Often- If possible, try your new mat out as soon as possible so you can get a feel for it even if your practice isn't as frequent as usual due to travel, weather, etc. Yoga mats range from $10- to $100s, and you don't want to take the financial risk of buying an expensive yoga mat and hating it only after 2-3 practices!

Stick with What You Know - Choose Your Yoga Mat

Stick with What You Know- If you tend to lean towards traditional styles and props during practice or enjoy forms similar to Ashtanga Yoga more than Kundalini Yoga, choose a sticky yoga mat made of natural materials rubber or PVC instead of one that is super squishy. Pick a larger mat if you are more into restorative props than standing poses. Also, if you plan on practising in the winter, look for a grip that will work in all conditions.

Shower Mat or No? - If you regularly take your yoga mat into the shower with you after practice, remember to pick a yoga mat that won't break down in water; make sure it is waterproof so it won't change shape over time!

Studio or Home?- It may not seem like much, but when choosing between mats made specifically for home use and those used only in studios, keep in mind that studio mats tend to be slightly thinner than standard exercise mats, have a non-slip textured top layer and are designed not to break apart under frequent use in a studio setting. These mats are perfect for a quick workout at home, but you may want to consider a thicker, skid-resistant yoga mat if you practice lots of floor work or plan on doing lots of outdoor/hot yoga.

Style- There is no right or wrong answer here! Everyone has different priorities, which will influence their choice in the type of mat they choose. Do you need a mat that can be easily cleaned? Make sure it has an open-cell structure, so dirt and grime don't get stuck inside when cleaning. If the grip is your top priority, pick one with a standard textured top layer, so your hands and feet stay put during sweaty classes. You can take your practice to the next level with this amazing thick Yoga Mat from Super Sets Fitness!

Size- Another big question is size. You want a mat that fits your body and style of practice. For example, if you are on the shorter side, a standard size mat may not give you enough room to spread out during some poses like Warrior. A wider yoga mat will allow more space for your hips and feet which will help keep them from going numb. If you have lots of room to move around or plan on taking up Ashtanga yoga, go with a longer mat!

Yoga is a wonderful activity that has many benefits. The right yoga mat can help you improve your practice and make it more enjoyable for everyone involved. If you're not sure which type of mat would be best, we recommend looking at reviews to get an idea about what other people are saying or reading the product specifications to see if they align with your needs. When in doubt, ask someone who practices yoga! They will have an excellent understanding of all these different features and how they affect performance on the mats themselves. Have you tried any of these methods? Let us know in the comment section below!

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